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#2 Kipp Stewart – ”I can't do anything unless I see it first.”

Some make sketches until – unpredictable when – the „right“ form emerges.
The California-based artist Kipp Stewart said about himself: ”I can't do anything unless I see it first.”
Whereas the rather new movement in the almost 90 year-old's life – drawings and paintings that more and more discover formlessness – Kipp Stewart's furniture design is well known for its structure and order. Inspired by early-Greek furniture, Art Nouveau and Art Deco Kipp Stewart created his unique casual and contemporary teak, stainless and steel furniture. Classy and modern as they are his pieces can be found in major hotels, corporations, huge yachts, university campuses, urban developments, thousands of homes around the world and even at the White House.

At the age of fifteen hitchhiking to high school the young Kipp Stewart glimpsed at a storefront shop on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles: an industrial designer's pencil drawings posted in the studio's window let Kipp fall in love with the idea of designing furniture. From then on he followed this enthusiasm.

Together with his wife and two children he lived in Florence/Italy while he sold his drawings to a company in New York. The family travelled around Europe and stayed eight months in Bermuda. Here Kipp's work probably got influenced by his sailing experiences.
After this adventure they came back to Californa (Big Sur and Carmel ) where he lives ever since.

In addition to his art and furniture design, Stewart has been the architect behind ten homes in California and New York.

Looking at his work and Stewart as a person creates the impression that Stewart maintained discipline in structure and form through furniture design until travelling the world and travelling through life leaded him to a bigger freedom – right into the unknown and the abstractness of his paintings. Both the formal and the wild Kipps are undeniably captivating.

ORIGINAL IN BERLIN offers the following design pieces of Kipp Stewart:

4672223 l

Set of Ten Kipp Stewart for Drexel "Centennial" Chairs

4672223 l

Chest of Drawer Dressers in Walnut by Kipp Stewart for Drexel

4672223 l

Kipp Stewart Desk Chair "Centennial" in Solid Walnut by Drexel USA 1950s

4672223 l

Drawer or Credenza by Kipp Stewart for Drexel

4672223 l

Mid-Century Modern Six-Drawer Dresser by Kipp Stewart for Drexel