Designer's Special #3

handcrafted studio furniture pieces at ORIGINAL IN BERLIN

The American Studio Craft Movement was considered a counter- movement of industrial mass production after the Second World War in the USA.

In their own workshops, rather than in factories, designers designed and produced handcrafted furniture and ceramics. The individual creative process was at the forefront, thus producing pieces with an often sculptural and unique formal language.

ORIGINAL IN BERLIN is pleased to present a selection of rare objects by George and Mira Nakashima, Dan Wenger, Phillip Lloyd Powell and Richard Tannen, all of whom shaped this epoch signi cantly. Unusual materials and new techniques make the limited-edition objects, then as today, highly desirable pieces.

ORIGINAL IN BERLIN offers the following design pieces of the American Studio Craft Movement:

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Early George Nakashima Studio Mira Nakashima Mira Chair

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Phillip Lloyd Powell 'New Hope' Lounge Chair in Black Walnut

3381122 z

Early Dan Wenger Lotus Lounge Chair in Original Leather

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1960s California Studio Craft Surfboard Coffee Table


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Rare and Signed Richard Tannen Studio Craft Coffee Table

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Rare and Signed Richard Tannen Studio Craft Plant Stand or High Table

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Unique Free-Form Studio Coffee Table in Mahogany, USA, 1960s

3399012 z

Huge Bob Kinzie Affilliated Craftsmen Pottery Vase