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Concrete Carpet by Studio Marei Rei

Germany - 2016

Studio concrete carpet by Studio Marei Rei, made in 2016.

It always fascinated Amelie Marei Loellmann to regard the things surrounding us as something different to what they were supposed to be in their role as they would normally be defined. The inversion of use and meaning allows us to use a material in opposition to its original function. Thus new functions and newly arranged qualities are being created. Heavy becomes light, massive becomes flexible. This kind of ambiguity causes an irritation in views of our accustomed perception which enables a repositioning of our norms.

For the maintenance of the carpet it is important to know that it is fragile in its structure, meaning that convolution should not be done too often. It is also advisable to not put sharp items on it in order to prevent any cracks in the carpet's structure.


Wool, Concrete

W 72.83 in. x D 78.74 in.
W 185 cm x D 200 cm