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Roger Capron Set of 5 Blue Ceramic Tiles, Labeled

France - 1950s

Roger Capron Set of 5 blue ceramic tiles, France - 1950s, Labeled. The measurements given apply to the three wider tiles. The two smaller ones measure 1.5 cm in depth, 10.5cm in width and 36cm in height. Roger Capron (1922-2006) was a French ceramic artist and designer who was known for his innovative use of materials and forms in his work. In 1946, Capron founded his own ceramics workshop in Vallauris, in the south of France. He quickly gained recognition for his innovative designs and became one of the leading figures in the French ceramics scene. Capron's work was characterized by his use of bold colors and graphic patterns, which he applied to a wide range of ceramic forms, including vases, plates, and tiles. He also designed furniture pieces that featured ceramic elements, such as tables and benches. Capron's work has been exhibited in museums and galleries around the world, and it continues to be highly sought-after by collectors and design enthusiasts. His innovative use of materials and forms, as well as his bold, graphic designs, have made him a seminal figure in the world of 20th-century design.


Set of 5

H 14.17 in. x W 6.3 in. x D 0.79 in.
H 36 cm x W 16 cm x D 2 cm