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All photos by Ludger Paffrath


Original in Berlin X Bocci

Original in Berlin X Bocci is a unique collaboration between one of Germany’s largest Mid-Century Modern furniture stores, Original in Berlin, and the contemporary lighting manufacturer, Bocci.

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All photos by Ludger Paffrath

March 2020 | PAST

The exhibition explores the synergy between space, materials, craft and architecture - blurring the lines between commodity and art. As visitors navigate from the lower level to the second floor of this historic building, they are invited to interact with ten installations on display. Taking up the dynamic flow of Bocci’s lamp installations, each room showcases selected Mid-Century furniture curated by Original in Berlin, merging each piece to a uniform spatial sculpture.

The collaboration aims at detaching familiar interior items from the world of furniture, straying into the realms of art.




Showcasing Original in Berlin’s distinct range of furniture, the DIVERSITY installation is based on one of the most ambitious design disciplines: the chair. Each of the ten items on display differs in origin, material, designer and shape.


Inside the Original in Berlin premises, a small team of local craftsmen offers clients on demand upholstery and carpentry services. Every piece of furniture undergoes thorough examination and, if required, is meticulously restored by the experts. From repairing dents and cracks, choosing suitable fabric, to applying the finishing coat - with tireless attention to detail the team revives even the most fatigued piece of furniture.

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron has been used as a design element for centuries. Its delicate and airy look lends itself to easily incorporate different design styles. Entirely hand-forged by a blacksmith, wrought iron is known for its laborious production process. Every piece of work usually exhibits small irregularities in shape or size adding to the uniqueness of the material.

During the Mid-Century movement, American designers such as Frederick Weinberg, George Nelson and Paul McCobb incorporated wrought iron differently. Setting the material in a more contemporary context, steering away from the previous flowery, romantic style wrought iron was known for, their work represents an innovatively minimal and refined design technique.

Studio Furniture

Studio Furniture - a movement which originated in 1950s USA - focuses on one-of-a-kind or limited production furniture. As the name suggests it is made in a craftsperson’s studio, as opposed to being mass-produced in a factory. The individual creative approach, paired with an assertive dedication for hand processes define this design movement.

Influential force was American master woodworker George Nakashima. His work is here represented by his ‘Arm Chair’. In his designs, he explored the organic expressiveness of wood, choosing boards with knots and burls or figured grain.

New Originals

With “New Originals” Original in Berlin curates a selection of newly produced Mid-Century designs. The collection includes amongst other Californian-sculptor Stan Bitters, whose large-scale clay murals are revered by celebrities and public institutions alike, as well as George Nakashima, whose legacy is still fully guarded by family members. What unites all of the “New Originals” craftsmen, is their determined stand on creative integrity and with it, a firm appreciation of the material and the work process itself.



Curated by Esther Berkhoff & Maj van der Linden and kindly supported by