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Pierre Chapo 1

Image courtesy of Chapo Creation

New Originals


1960s and 1970s masterpieces by Pierre Chapo shining in new splendor at Original in Berlin 

The French designer and cabinetmaker Pierre Chapo is considered an icon when it comes to handcrafted woodwork. His works from the 1960s and 70s regularly fetch five-figure prices at international design auctions today. Perfect wooden furniture in elegant and equally clear shape with refined details is what characterizes Chapo's work.

Influenced by modernism, the french designer created furniture that does not only convince by its timeless design but also its durability. Regarding the materials, his preference for elm and oak stands out. At the same time, the wood surface with its natural structure serves equally as an element of design. Pierre Chapo celebrated the beauty and uniqueness of wood while also conveying respect for nature. In doing so, he took advantage of the material's properties and tried to avoid metal joints as much as possible. As a designer and cabinetmaker, Chapo worked similarly to George Nakashima, in addition to standard products, many objects were custom-made.

Image courtesy of Chapo Creation