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New Originals


From Graphic Designer to Woodworking Artisan


Seth Gravette embarked on a woodworking journey driven by a desire to create furniture that blended timeless aesthetics, durability, and affordability, which were often missing in traditional retail offerings. We are proud to announce that some of his beautifully hand-crafted wooden creations are now on display and available for sale at Original in Berlin. 



Seth Gravette embarked on his woodworking journey by creating furnishings for his own home - pieces that proved elusive in conventional retail stores. His aspiration was to craft furniture of timeless aesthetic simplicity, durability and affordability. While holding a daytime role as a graphic designer, his evenings were dedicated to extensive research and sketching of furniture and wooden creations. His unwavering passion was to step away from the computer and craft tangible, substantial works with his own hands. Throughout his formative years, Seth's father, a contractor renowned for crafting outdoor structures, played an influential role and instilled a deep-seated belief in his son’s ability to create and craft. Seth's journey in the world of woodwork remains a continuous exploration, with his current focus centered on sculpting wood into pieces of varying scales—ranging from small and delicate to the medium and large formats.