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All photos by Jochen Arndt


Umoja @ aptm

Celebrating the spirit of Africa in an installation by Chris Glass at aptm, featuring some pieces from our collection.

All photos by Jochen Arndt

September 2018 | Past

Umoja, the Swahili word for unity, harkens oneness


Considering the size and diversity of the African continent – her people, cultures, languages, landscape - the naked eye struggles to find a common thread. In a place so varied and vast, what is the tie that binds?

Our assertion is that it is the community or tribe – a unit that is free of geographical borders, bound by shared values and rituals, connected via a sense of togetherness, or unity. This essence is what not only holds the continent and her people together, it also bridges humanity near and far.

Our fourth installation, Umoja celebrates the vastness and bounty of the African continent, draws a bridge to Europe, and reminds us all to come together.

African culture is vividly expressed via tribal arts and crafts, folklore and religion, clothing, cuisine, music and languages.

The African viewpoint on design is unique. From repurposing old materials to age old techniques and handcrafts, to a focus on ecologically friendly products – from the earth, theirs is a way forward - informed by the past and their surroundings.

aptm’s Umoja installation showcases design, art, crafts, food, drink, and culture in a European context – bringing two continents together.

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