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Rare new upholstered Paul McCobb Sofa and Lounge Chair for Directional

USA - 1950s

Rare new upholstered early 1950s Paul McCobb Set for Directional in Dedar Fabric. Excellent condition. The measurements given apply to the Sofa. The Lounge Chair measures: D90, W82, H80, SH43 cm. Paul McCobb was an American furniture designer who was active during the mid-20th century. He is known for his minimalist, functional, and versatile designs that epitomized the style of the era. McCobb was associated with several furniture manufacturers during his career, but his most significant contribution to the industry was his work with Directional Furniture. Directional Furniture was a high-end furniture manufacturer that was established in 1950. In 1953, Directional Furniture hired Paul McCobb to design a line of furniture for them. This collaboration proved to be very successful, and McCobb's designs for Directional Furniture became some of the company's most iconic pieces. McCobb's designs for Directional Furniture were characterized by their simplicity, clean lines, and functionalism. He often used materials such as brass, walnut, and marble in his designs, which gave them a timeless quality. Some of his most well-known pieces for Directional Furniture include the Planner Group, the Linear Group, and the Irwin Collection. The partnership between Paul McCobb and Directional Furniture was mutually beneficial. McCobb's designs helped to establish Directional Furniture as a leading manufacturer of high-end furniture, while Directional Furniture provided McCobb with a platform to showcase his talents as a designer. The collaboration between the two parties helped to define the mid-century modern style and remains an important part of American design history.
Price Set



Set of 2

H 31.5 in. x W 78.74 in. x D 35.43 in.
H 80 cm x W 200 cm x D 90 cm
Seat Height 16.93 in. | 43 cm